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About Us

The New Star Cafe has been owned for more than 40 years by the same family. So we have been serving for such a long time, and obviously, people love us as we have thrived over the years.

So with so much love from our customers, we tried to serve our people online by posting our restaurant’s recipes, general food recipes, and some great food tips.

Our only aim is to provide people with the taste they get from our food with their own homemade food too. You can try the recipes of our favorite dishes that our chefs curate according to the general public.

What will you find on this website? You will get the 40-year-old food recipes we have been serving, other recipes curated by our chefs, food tips, and even some weight-loss food tips.

If you find any issue with the content we post, you can easily contact us from the email mentioned in the contact us section and tell us your suggestions and comments. We will love to hear and get feedback from you.

So visit the New Star Cafe online and get the latest food recipes, food tips, food updates, and the best recipes we serve in our restaurant.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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