10 Best Short Hairstyles For Men

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1) Crew Cut

This traditional short hairstyle has hair that is attenuated on the sides and back, with a slightly longer, uniformly cut top.

2) Buzz Cut

The hair on the entire scalp is trimmed to the same length using clippers to accomplish this ultrashort cut.

3) French Crop

This hairstyle consists of short sides and a slightly longer, texturized, forward-swept top.

4) Textured Crop

Similar to the French Crop, this hairstyle consists of short sides and a textured, unruly crown.

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5) High and Tight

The sides and back of this hairstyle inspired by the military are extremely short, while the top is slightly longer and trimmed.

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6) Side Part

The side part is a classic short haircut with a side-swept top and short sides.

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7) Short Pompadour

This updated version of the classic pompadour has short sides and a short, textured top.

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8) Undercut

This trendy short hairstyle has a longer top that is styled to the side or back, and sides that are shaved or very short.

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9) Faux Hawk

This short hairstyle is a less extreme version of the traditional mohawk. The top is longer and pulled up and back, and the sides are shorter.

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10) Textured Fringe

This short haircut has a fringe on the side that is choppy and has different textures.

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