10 Best & Trendy Long Hairstyles For Men

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1) The man bun

This hairstyle entails tying the hair at the summit of the head into a bun. Popular among males with longer hair, this style can be worn loose or taut.

2) The top knot

Similar to the man bun, the top knot gathers hair at the summit of the head. The top knot, however, is typically worn more tightly and is a more refined style.

3) Long layers

The addition of layers to long hair can add dimension and movement. This style is ideal for males with dense hair who wish to avoid a bulky, weighty appearance.

4) Textured waves

Longer hair can be styled into loose waves or spirals for a beachy appearance. This style can be achieved with a texturizing spray and a curling iron or wand.

5) Braids

Whether you choose a simple braid or an intricate design, braids can be an enjoyable way to change up your appearance.

6) Slicked back

A slicked-back hairstyle involves combed-back hair that is held in position with gel or pomade. 

7) Messy bun

Try a disheveled bun for a more laid-back, casual appearance. This entails tying your hair back into a loose, slightly unkempt braid or ponytail. 

8) Undercut

A popular hairstyle for males, the undercut entails shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving the top of the head long.

9) Center part

 If you have straight hair, a center part can be a wonderful way to highlight your length while maintaining an orderly and polished appearance.

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