7 Big Downsides Of Sitting All Day

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1) Body Stiffness

Long durations of sitting can raise pressure on particular regions of your body, such as your spine, hips, and buttocks, resulting in discomfort, pain, and stiffness.

2) Hit On Heart

While standing and walking helps your heart to work more, sitting has the reverse effect. So, do your ticker a favor and stand up every now and again.

3) Muscle Atrophy

When you sit, you do not have to rely on your lower body muscles to keep you upright. As a result, these muscles may gradually weaken. 

4) Lesser Calories Burn

Non-exercise activity NEAT—thermogenesis—is the energy your body uses everyday. Sitting all day decreases NEAT and calorie burn.

5) Back Will Suffer

On their own, the discs in your spine do not receive an adequate blood supply. They receive nourishment from the vertebrae above and below them, which occurs when you move.

6) Physical Issues

Long-term sitting can impede lower-body blood flow. Blood pools in your legs, causing swollen ankles, blood clots, and cardiovascular issues.

7) Lower Bone Density

Additionally, prolonged seating can negatively affect bone health. This is an important consideration for those 65 and older.

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