7 Fast-Food Chains With The Best Onion Rings

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1) Sonic Drive-In

At Sonic, onion rings are handcrafted every morning; onions are sliced, battered, and fried without ever being preserved.

2) Whataburger

According to reviews, the burger chain's batter-to-onion ratio excels, leaving ample room for traces of garlic and oniony notes, and surprisingly, without an excess of salinity. 

3) Burger King

Every order of "Have it Your Way" onion rings is prepared with sliced onions and a seasoned batter, then fried to perfection.

4) Dairy Queen

At Dairy Queen, the onion rings are premade at a designated company location, bundled frozen, and transported to DQ locations across the country. 

5) White Castle

The Midwestern chain prepares the bite-sized onion rings with genuine onions, maize flour, and a hint of sugar that complements the pungent vegetable. 

6) Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has switched from a seasoned batter or breading mixture to a panko-crusted mixture to coat their juicily-cooked onions.

7) Carl's Jr. / Hardee's

Carl's Jr./Hardees is the place to go if you're a huge fan of onion rings, as you can order burgers served with onion rings and onion rings as a side.

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