7 Fast-Food Restaurants With Best Mac & Cheese

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1) Noodles & Company

Its Wisconsin Mac & Cheese dish is virtually legendary, and it has been a menu staple for decades.

2) Popeyes

If the great Anthony Bourdain once referred to mac & cheese as one of his comfort meals, you know it's extraordinary.

3) Boston Market

Boston Market's Mac & Cheese is an excellent option since it has a creamy, home-style preparation with cheddar and American cheeses with a slight, garlicky undertone.

4) Chester's

In 2021, Chester's Chicken introduced a new mac & cheese recipe consisting of velvety cheddar cheese and cavatappi (corkscrew) noodles, which quickly gained popularity.

5) Chick-fil-A

Twitter users describe this popular side dish as "scrumptious" and so delicious that one admirer wishes they could have "like five tubs."

6) KFC

While you may have previously chosen mashed potatoes, the macaroni and cheese with its delectable buttery cheese sauce is also an excellent choice.

7) Panera Bread

The macaroni and cheese at Panera is rich, velvety, and utterly delectable. In fact, it is so delectable that Panera has released a grocery store version.

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