7 Vitamins Known To Restore Hair Loss

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1) Biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, increases follicle growth by stimulating keratin production. This vitamin can be found in numerous foods, such as eggs, meat, fish, almonds etc.

2) Vitamin A 

Hair cells are the most rapidly dividing cells in the body. Therefore, it makes sense that vitamin A is the ideal sustenance for this growth.

3) Vitamin C 

One of the most important contributors to hair loss is oxidative stress. The solution is to ingest vitamin C-rich foods. 

4) Vitamin D

Deficiencies in vitamin D can cause hair loss conditions such as alopecia, female pattern hair loss, and excessive shedding. 

5) Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an effective treatment for hair loss. Sunflower seeds, spinach, avocados, and almonds are high in vitamin E. 

6) Iron

Women are especially vulnerable to hair loss due to iron deficiency. Iron is found in foods such as eggs, red meat, lentils, spinach, oysters, and clams.

7) Zinc

Zinc encourages hair development and keeps the oil glands that surround the follicles functioning properly. Hair loss may occur if you have a zinc deficit. 

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