8 Different Ways to Wear Braids

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1) French Braid

A timeless and refined plait that is suitable for any occasion. Beginning at the crown of your scalp, braid your hair down to the extremities.

2) Dutch Braid

Comparable to the French braid, but with the strands crossing under rather than over. It is an excellent method for adding texture and dimension to your hair.

3) Fishtail Braid

A boho-chic plait that is simple to create. Separate your hair into two sections, then cross small portions from the outside of each section to the other side.

4) Crown Braid

Create a crown-like effect by braiding two sections of hair from the front of your head and wrapping them around the rear of your head.

5) Side Braid

Gather your hair to one side and plait it all the way down. This is an excellent method for adding texture to your hair and keeping it out of your face.

6) Milkmaid Braid

Two strands should be wrapped around the crown of the head to produce a milkmaid braid.

7) Waterfall Braid

To create a cascading effect, begin with a French braid and allow the hair to flow out of the braid at each turn.

8) Twist Braid

Twist two pieces of hair around each other to produce a braid-like look.

9) Rope Braid

 Twist two pieces of hair in one direction, then around each other in the opposite direction to form a rope-like braid.

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