Makeup Tips For Girls with Glasses

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Keep Your Brows Groomed

Your eyebrows can frame your face and highlight your eyes. Ensure that your eyebrows are shaped and groomed to complement your eyewear.

Use a Primer

 A primer can help maintain the integrity of your makeup and prevent smudging or smearing on your spectacles.

Light-Reflecting Concealer

 A concealer containing light-reflecting particulates can aid in brightening the under-eye area and reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Waterproof Mascara

Use a mascara that is waterproof and can prevent smudging and smearing on your spectacles.

Matte Eyeshadows 

Eyeshadows with shimmer can reflect light and make your glasses more conspicuous. Matte eyeshadows can help achieve a natural appearance.

Apply Eyeliner on Upper Lash Line

Applying eyeliner to the upper lash line can help define your eyes and make them stand out behind spectacles.

Lip Color to Match Glasses

 Consider selecting a lip color that complements your spectacles if they have a bold frame or color. 

Use a Setting Spray 

A setting spray can help maintain your makeup throughout the day and prevent smudging or smearing on your spectacles.

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