8 Walking Mistakes That We Make As Per Orthopedics

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1) Wearing the wrong shoes

Appropriate footwear prevents foot and ankle overuse problems. In general, a good walking shoe offers padding of excellent quality that permits foot flexibility.

2) Looking down

A typical technical error is walking with excessive forward trunk flexion, or hip flexion. This increases the strain on your knees and ankles while you maintain balance.

3) Overstriding

Taking longer steps may appear to be an effective technique to increase your walking speed, but it actually increases the strain on your musculoskeletal system.

4) Having poor posture

One of the most fundamental requirements for a healthy gait is to walk with proper posture. While you're standing, walking, or working out, keep your lower abs tight.

5) Never walking outside

A stroll outside has a number of mental and physical advantages: Spending time in nature has been demonstrated in studies to reduce stress and promote mental health.

6) Not stretching

Because walking is a repeated activity, if you don't take the time to expand your joints and enhance your flexibility, these habits will be perpetuated.

7) Overlooking muscular strength

It is critical to strengthen the basic muscles needed for walking in order to avoid both injury and poor gait patterns.

8) Not treating flat feet

While not everyone suffers from flat feet, the disease can cause long-term issues with walking mechanics.

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