9 Fast-Food Chains That Don't Freeze Their Burgers

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1) Hoppdoddy Burger Bar

Hoppdoddy is a burger joint that deserves your attention. The restaurant uses only natural beef. The chain also bakes three different varieties of pastries daily. 

2) Elevation Burger

The chain is  proud of its other ingredients, cutting its fries daily in-house and preparing them in heart-healthy olive oil.

3) Five Guys

The "guys" at Five men take fresh meat seriously. In fact, they couldn't even refrigerate their patties if they tried.

4) Wendy's

Wendy's employs fresh, never-frozen beef, and the chain wants to make sure you know it; the slogan is prominently displayed.

5) Smashburger

According to the chain's own self-reporting, the "fresh, never frozen 100% Certified Angus Beef" used in Smashburger patties is guaranteed to be fresh.

6) In-N-Out Burger

It is partially the marinade, partially the pyramid of patties, cheese, and vegetables, but primarily the meat. Which is always fresh, and each quantity is inspected individually.

7) Whataburger

8) Shake Shack

According to the Shake Shack website, it takes the quality of its burgers very seriously, as they are prepared with 100% Angus beef and are never chilled.

9) MooYah

Mooyah asserts that its beef is of a superior quality than that used in most steaks. Furthermore, the beef used in Mooyah burgers is always fresh and never preserved.

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