9 Hairstyles For Men Without Beard

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1) Classic Side Part

This classic hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and is easily accomplished by parting hair to the side.

2) Messy Textured Look

This look can be accomplished by using a matte-finish hair product and dragging your fingertips through your hair to produce a textured, tousled appearance.

3) Slick Back

This style requires a high-quality hair gel or pomade and involves slicking hair strait back for a refined appearance.

4) Crew Cut

This short, low-maintenance cut is ideal for those who prefer a more casual appearance.

5) Buzz Cut

Similar to the crew cut, the buzz cut is a very short, low-maintenance hairstyle that is ideal for those who desire a low-maintenance option.

6) The Quiff

This fashionable hairstyle features an extended fringe that is combed upwards and backwards to create volume and style.

7) The Comb Over

This classic style is accomplished by arranging hair to one side and applying a small amount of hair product for added hold.

8) The Textured Crop

This style is ideal for those with dense hair and is created by chopping the hair into textured layers to achieve an unkempt, contemporary appearance.

9) The Side-swept Fringe

This design features a lengthier, side-swept fringe for a casual, carefree appearance.

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