Alcohol Type Which Is Least Harmful To Liver

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Alcohol & Diseases

Alcohol is a substantial risk factor for liver disease, particularly liver cirrhosis, according to a 2019 study.

Minimize Drinking

Several physicians and nutritionists concur, advising those of us who like drinking to minimize our alcohol use.

The Right Amount

Doctors recommend no more than one glass of wine per day for ladies and two for men. Any type of excessive alcohol use contributes to liver damage and cirrhosis.

Liver Issues

Several studies have shown that any sort of alcohol might raise the risk of liver problems.

But there's the least harmful option

If totally abstaining from alcohol isn't feasible, there is one beverage she may prefer above the others.

It's The Red Wine

Red wine has antioxidants that could improve the health of your liver if it is healthy.


It's important to keep things in check. Still, you should only drink as much alcohol as the CDC says is safe.

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