Are You Fashionable? Know As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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1) Leo

It's safe to say that Leos never follow the crowd. Being the zodiac sign most closely associated with the sun, the Cancerian's wardrobe is constantly on the cutting edge of style.

2) Libra

Libras have a composed style that is equal parts casual and sophisticated, much like their zodiac sign's symbol, the scale.

3) Taurus

Taurus is the quintessential materialistic woman. In other words, they like investing in themselves, as seen by their immaculate fashion sense and penchant for high-quality things.

4) Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign with a keen eye for a striking clothing item. Their distinct sense of style has earned them the fourth position on the most trendy scale.

5) Capricorn

Consider fitted suits, stylish gowns, and anything else that will make you appear mature and in control of your life.

6) Aries

It should come as no surprise that Aries is a fire sign. This zodiac sign is not afraid to make a striking fashion statement. You can always depend on them to walk boldly in their clothing.

7) Pisces

When it comes to fashion, Pisces' inner kid is overjoyed. Their clothing, on the other hand, might be a riot of colors and designs.

8) Virgo

Despite the fact that they favor neutral colors and well-tailored garments and enjoy dressing in a clean and orderly manner, their attire is frequently a bit dull.

9) Sagittarius

While everyone enjoys cabaret dresses, they can be a bit excessive for everyday wear. They will be the first to wear a neon green uniform or a bright orange frock.

10) Cancer

Cancers are the epitome of homebodies. These melancholy crabs are frequently seen snuggled up in their sweats or pajamas.

11) Gemini

They alternate between being quirky and useful. However, their indecision frequently causes them to be divided between two distinct outfits.

12) Scorpio

This sign isn't interested in following or even setting trends. Because of their unique style, they are frequently viewed as being among the least trendy.

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