Best Colors for Brown Eyes as per Stylist

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Girls with brown eyes, make green a wardrobe mainstay; it brings out your eyes' natural radiance.


There are many various ways to style green clothing. Choose earthy tones such as greenish-khaki for a laid-back look, or emerald or spring green for a lively, energizing vibe.


In the same way that green draws attention to brown eyes, so too does blue. You can pretty much wear any other hue you want with blue because it acts as a neutral.


Choose bolder shades of blue like turquoise, lapis, or navy if you're want to make a bold statement. Use gentler blues like aqua or sky blue to convey a sense of peace and tranquility. 


Brown eyes are complex, having a range of tones that aren't often obvious at first glance. Oftentimes, brown eyes will have lighter or darker specks of those colors interspersed throughout.


Red is a bold color no matter who wears it, but it brings out the best in brown eyes. The combination is so striking that the resulting color scheme is extremely dark and mysterious. 


You should experiment with several shades of red to see which one brings out the best in your eyes. Furthermore, various hues signify various meanings.


It's excellent for spring to pair pastels with brown. Chocolate eyes really pop against the pastel backdrop. It's a shade that works well with any skin tone & makes everyone appear their best.

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