Best Short Hair Cut For Each Hair Type

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1) Fine Hair: Pixie with Bangs

Although a pixie is comparatively low-maintenance in terms of daily styling, you may need to visit the salon more frequently to maintain the appropriate length.

2) Fine Hair: Cropped Pixie

Many facial types can pull off a pixie cut, but you must be comfortable with your face being completely exposed.

3) Wavy Hair: Textured Bob

The greatest thing about short, wavy hair is how low maintenance it is. Regrowth will not be as problematic.

4) Wavy Hair: Lengthy Lob

Tend toward clothing that is slightly longer, approximately four to five inches overall, to avoid adding years.

5) Afro Hair: Tight Curls

Ensure that you and your beautician are on the same page regarding the natural movement of the hair, as the length of the hair will not match the length of the cut.

6) Afro Hair: Buzz Cut

Choosing a buzz cut will keep your tresses neat and brief. Bonus points if you enjoy making daring cosmetics choices.

7) Thick Hair: Classic Hollywood Bob

Thick hair is the ideal hair variety for all brief hairstyles. The reason is that it is much simpler for stylists to make dense hair narrower than the opposite.

8) Thick Hair: Blown-out Lob

Utilize dense hair to your advantage and add drama with a puffed out style. Utilize a round brush, serum for flattening, and heat protectant.

9) Straight Hair: Box Bob

Medium-short haircuts work best on naturally straight hair, as the added length and weight will help it sit more evenly.

10) Straight Hair: Blunt Lob

A abrupt lob can be a flattering hairstyle for anyone. Especially if it just barely brushes the shoulders.

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