Costless Acts of Kindness

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Donate your leftovers

Don't waste perfectly edible leftovers from lunch by throwing them away; instead, pack them up and give them to someone in need.

Hold the door open for someone 

Even if you don't think it's that big of a deal, people will notice that you held the door open for a complete stranger.

Compliment strangers

It's nice to hear praise from those closest to you, but it's even more meaningful when it comes from an unknown source.

Donate old clothes

Donating your gently used clothing to those in need ensures that they will be put to good use long after your own needs have changed.

Participate in customer survey

Those surveys at the end of a phone call are annoying, but they can be very helpful to a person's career.

Leave a love note for partner

Write your significant other a love letter and slip it into their bag or briefcase for them to discover at their leisure.


Smile at random people you see on the street and make it a habit to do so. A stranger's smile could brighten your day.

Donate Blood

Help save lives by making a blood donation to a hospital or emergency center near you. Sign up for a blood drive near you if you meet the requirements to donate blood

Praise your Coworkers

Do not hold back praise for a colleague who has excelled in their work on a project or presentation.

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