Favorite Pizza Topping Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Pepperoni

Because Aries is the sign of conflict, the zodiac needs some protein, namely pepperoni.

Taurus: Truffles

Taureans are known for their appreciation of the finest things in life, so it's only natural that their preferred topping would be truffles.

Gemini: Tomato

The tomato sauce foundation lends sweetness and richness to the pizza without alienating any guests.

Cancer: Cheese

Cheese pizza is the ultimate comfort dish, so it's no surprise that Cancers like it.

Leo: Bacon

Bacon's sweet, salty, and smoky flavor appeals to the predatory inclinations of [Leos]. It adds weight and color to the simple pizza.

Virgo: Arugula

Virgos love their toppings to be functional, which is why arugula satisfies all of their requirements.

Libra: Caramelized onions

Libras are more inclined to order a pizza topping that transforms it from "cheap take-out to something more glamorous," such as caramelized onions.

Scorpio: Chili 

As a sign governed by the fiery planet Mars, Scorpios have no fear of heat. Chili is therefore the optimal condiment for the sign.

Sagittarius: Shrimp

Shrimp is the option that best exemplifies the fire sign's passion for travel and adventure.

Capricorn: Olives

Olives are the Capricorns' preferred garnish for dirty martinis, which is not surprising given their affinity for this cocktail. 

Aquarius: Pineapple

The use of pineapple on pizza is a divisive issue, but Aquarians seem unfazed.

Pisces: Anchovies

Because Pisces is symbolized by fish, it stands to reason that anchovies are the water sign's preferred pizza topping. 

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