Finest Colors to Pair With Your Birthstone

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January: Garnet

Most garnets have a rich red color. Green & Blue are great & you'll end up with the most harmonious, complementary, and eye-catching combinations.

February: Amethyst

The range of purples that make up February's birthstone is wide. Use yellow, which is just across from purple on the color wheel, to complement amethyst.

March: Aquamarine

Because of its soothing blue-green color, aquamarine is often associated with the ocean. Choose a pastel shade, particularly a very pale orange, to complement the March birthstone.

April: Diamond

Diamonds are a timeless accessory that can be worn anywhere, from a formal wedding to a casual coffee with friends. Diamonds are most noticeable when worn with a black outfit.

May: Emerald

Pink looks great with emerald and won't make the room feel too festive. In the color wheel, pink is opposite green.

June: Pearl

Pearls are classic and sophisticated, so they combine well with bold hues. Wear with a dress of any hue for stunning effect.

July: Ruby

You can't go wrong with a traditional combination of this birthstone and red lipstick. You can never go wrong by coordinating your reds.

August: Peridot

The pastel green of the August birthstone, the peridot, pairs beautifully with lavender. A striking ensemble might be put together with clothing of any fluorescent hue.

September: Sapphire

Although while sapphires may be found in a wide range of colors, the most popular and valuable are the ones with a deep royal blue hue. Combine your gems with a green outfit.

October: Opal

As opal can mimic any hue, the possibilities are practically endless. Use a delicate mint green to complement the opal's faint pink undertones.

November: Citrine

Stones with warm tones should be paired with cold blue garments. Both hues will shine brighter in this combination.

December: Blue Topaz

Wear a blue topaz with a warmer hue, like red or orange, to complement its cool tone.

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