Is V8 (Vegetable Juice) Good For You?

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Tomatoes, beets,  spinach, carrots, watercress, celery, lettuce, and parsley are among the components in Campbell's V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice.

What it provides?

With only 45 calories and no added sugar, it may appear to be a no-brainer to stock up when you need some vegetables.

So is it good?

Even with such a vibrant diversity of vegetables crammed into each tiny can or container, nothing beats the actual thing. So, is it good for you?

Look for sodium!

If you're buying original V8 off the shelf to compensate your diet's lack of veggies, you should consider how much salt you're getting with each serving.

Why it matters?

Consuming an excessive amount of sodium can be detrimental to sustaining healthy blood pressure levels and can strain the heart over time.

Switch to low-sodium V8

Switching to Low Sodium V8 is a wise decision, as it contains only 140mg of sodium as opposed to the standard beverage's 640mg.

Lack of fiber!

Then there's the matter of a general lack of fiber, which you would receive far more of if you ate fresh fruits and veggies instead of drinking them.

Go for high fiber V8

Technically, the juice company came up with a solution to that problem as well: High Fiber V8, which contains 20% of your body's Daily Recommended Value of fiber.


So by all means, imbibe some V8 if you need more vegetables in your diet, but try not to rely on it exclusively.

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