Know Your Zodiac Sign's Most Negative Trait

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Aries: Pushy, arrogant, defensive

You're the most determined sign in the zodiac, and you'll walk all over everyone to get to your destination.

Taurus: Stubborn

That "stubborn, bullish" approach might work for you, but it's not going to work for anyone else.

Gemini: Indescisiveness

Gemini, get your act together, because the "I can't decide" routine is beginning to wear us out.

Cancer: Lying

What's wrong with you, Cancer, is that everyone knows you're a liar. The fact is that you are no different from the rest of us.

Leo: Bragging

What's the matter with you, Leo? You are a braggart who does not always have the goods to back up your boasts.

Virgo: Judgemental

You may wish to quit judging everyone and everything you encounter, but you can't because you're a Virgo.

Libra: Passive-aggressive

Our friend Libra is passive-aggressive to the very end and will yes us to death to silence us.

Scorpio: Overwhelming

You cannot change. You are rigid in your thinking. You have determined that you are your own religion and that your path is the only acceptable one.

Sagittarius: Isolated

You are tedious. You're so engrossed in your own special universe of wonder that you forget the essentials of life, such as friendship.

Capricorn: Repress Emotions

Capricorn, you like hearing the sound of your own voice far too much, especially when you're putting someone else down.

Aquarius: Manipulator

You choose to remain silent. That's all well and good until we realize why you've been so quiet: you've been plotting our demise.

Pisces: Too sensitive

You are the astrological wimp, known for being "too sensitive" and "too emotional" by everybody.

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