Makeup Tricks for Hot Weather

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Do Makeup in a Cool Space

Putting on makeup in an overly warm room where your skin never seems to dry out is a certain way to waste time and feel miserable.

Create your Base

You still need to use a daily moisturizer under your makeup, even if your face  feel more hydrated in the heat. Most people benefit greatly from moisturizers that are based in water. 

Use Primer

Makeup won't melt off your face in the summer heat if you use primer. It acts as a buffer between your skin and your makeup, keeping the latter in place for longer. 

Choose Liquid Foundation

A lightweight, water-resistant liquid foundation is ideal for hot days since it allows makeup to last longer. You should stay away from cream-based concealers.

Use Liquid Products

For blush, contouring, and highlighting, use liquid tints or cream sticks. Applying a thin layer of powder over them will make them sweat-proof.

Eyeshadow Hack

If you want long-lasting eye makeup, try using your favorite liquid matte lipstick as eyeshadow. Blush is another alternative usage for lipstick..

Set your Look

Loose powder should be applied to the nose, T-zone, and eye areas, as these are the first places makeup wears off. To be safe, use a finishing spray as a final step. 

Touch Up

Use blotting papers to remove any remaining shine. Apply foundation and blush with the help of a brush. Put on some setting powder and spritz.

Makeup Essentials as per Makeup Experts

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