Peaches Vs. Apricots: Know The Difference

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Stone Fruits

Peaches and apricots have skins with similar hues and textures. Its fuzzy surface distinguishes them from plums and nectarines with smooth skin.

The Differences

Nonetheless, aside from their color and fuzzy texture, peaches and apricots have both striking distinctions and intriguing commonalities.

Same Family

Peaches and apricots are both members of the rose family and are related to almonds, apples, and pears.


Peaches are substantially bigger than apricots (approximately four times the size), and they originated in Persia.

Their Properties

Peaches also contain more water inside their flesh, which contributes to their trademark juiciness. Peaches are sweeter than apricots because they contain more sugar.

How They Are Enjoyed?

When peaches are prepared in the kitchen, they are tasty on their own, as well as when grilled, sliced, and baked in peach cobbler or peach pie.


Not only are apricots smaller than peaches, but they also have a distinct flavor from their peach relative.

Apricot Producer

Traditionally, it is believed that apricots originated in either Armenia or China, although Turkey is now one of the largest producers of the fruit.

Their Properties

These little stone fruits contain far less water than their larger relative, the peach, and have a significantly more acidic flavor.

How They Are Enjoyed?

The inherent sweetness of an apricot is enhanced when the fruit is cooked to produce tarts, jams, and jellies, or dehydrated and dried.

Know This!

If you're substituting apricots for peaches in a recipe, you'll need to add extra sugar and liquid because peaches contain more of both.

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