Popular Houseplants for Beginners

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Snake Plant

If you're a new plant parent and not yet ready to commit to a strict watering regimen, these succulents are an excellent choice. Only water thoroughly dry soil.

Spider Plant

Growing this plant is a breeze, and it gives birth to tiny pups. Although spider plants look fantastic when hung, their leaves are easily scorched by direct sunshine.

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant thrives in low light, making it a good choice for homes without many windows or those located in the shade. It can survive for weeks or even months without drinking water.

Peace lily

These plants can survive on less light than they would like. It also tolerates some errors in watering quite well. 

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo can thrive in a variety of environments and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, its cultivation is thought to reward its cultivators with good fortune. 

Aloe Vera

Plants of the aloe vera species are extremely drought-resistant and forgiving. If you've ever suffered from a severe sunburn, you know how helpful aloe vera gel can be. 


Tender but tough, this trailing plant has heart-shaped leaves. The "heart-leaf vines" or "larger-leaf shrub" can be grown indoors in hanging baskets.

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