Should You Rinse Canned Vegetables?

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Canned Foods

Even when we're pressed for time, ready-to-eat canned meals have made it easy for us to guarantee we're getting our daily dosage of vitamins and minerals.

You should wash canned goods!

Nonetheless, you may be aware that washing some canned goods is recommended for specific things.

Why washing though?

While flavor and texture might be impacted depending on the item, there is a more crucial reason you should start washing out your canned veggies.

It's actually good!

While you could be washing rice grains or canned beans to remove extra starch, cleaning canned veggies serves a different function.

Lot's of salt!

In order to preserve the flavor of the veggies, the brine of many canned goods is loaded with salt.

Avoid too much salt!

According to Harvard, high salt levels in the diet can lead to a variety of problems, including an increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Wash low sodium cans too!

You may assume buying a low- or reduced-sodium can of vegetables eliminates this step, but it only reduces salt by 25%.

So always wash!

No matter what sort of cans you buy, the only method to avoid consuming more salt than necessary is to thoroughly rinse all canned vegetables before cooking with them.

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