The Best Seasoning To Make Canned Tuna Flavorful

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Tuna Sandwich

The original tuna sandwich has mostly kept the same: packed tuna combined with mayonnaise and spread over toasted bread.

It lacks punch!

We believe that the creamy mayo lacks a spicy bite that, when incorporated with the salad, makes your taste buds dance.

So Add Cayenne Pepper

To elevate your tuna salad to the next level, we recommend grabbing a canister of cayenne pepper from your spice rack.

Make flavors!

Add cayenne pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and pepper to mayonnaise and stir in drained canned tuna to lighten up the basic recipe's mayo-heaviness.

How is it good?

Hot and fruity, cayenne pepper is a prevalent ingredient in dry seasonings, marinades, and condiments, and pairs well with any type of meat.

To add more or less spiciness, simply increase or decrease the quantity, but regardless of the amount, the cayenne will complement the existing flavors.


While served on bread, tuna salad with cayenne pepper can also be wrapped in lettuce or served in a dish with tortilla pieces for scooping.

So add cayenne pepper next time

Remember to add some vibrant red cayenne pepper to your tuna salad sandwiches the next time you're compelled to make dull sandwiches.

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