The Safest Fish To Eat Everyday

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Right Fish For Daily Eating

If you desire to consume fish on a daily or near-daily basis, there is one finned fillet that surpasses the others in terms of these two safety considerations.

Watch for Mercury content

Mercury content is something to be aware of, but the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks of mercury exposure. 

Which Mackerel To Choose?

Although the family of mackerels is large and comprises 30 distinct species, only one is worth seeking out on menus and in fish markets.

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic mackerel has 0.005 ppm mercury. It's safer than swordfish (0.995 ppm) and bigeye tuna (0.689 ppm). 

Full of protein & Omega-3

It is a wonderful option for obtaining the omega-3 fatty acids and protein benefits of fish with low mercury levels.

Risk-free too!

Mackerel from the Atlantic are considered to be risk-free for a number of reasons, one of which is that they do not deplete natural resources.

Right way of capturing!

Overfishing is not a concern since the fish develop quickly and repopulate quickly. Furthermore, the technique of capture (mid-water trawls) is ocean-friendly.

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