These Fast-Food Chains Serve Fresh Cut Fries Only!

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1) Elevation Burger

It is one of the few national companies that serves gluten-free, olive oil-cooked fries. Furthermore, everything is manufactured to order.

2) Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy only utilizes Chipperbec potatoes and makes fresh batches of fries every day. The firm even made a detailed YouTube video.

3) In-n-Out

Peek into any In-n-Out Burger kitchen and, along with a lot of beef patties frying, you'll notice one of the staff running potato after potato through the slicer.

4) Five Guys

Most of the time, the company utilizes Idaho-grown potatoes that are chopped and power washed to remove the exterior starch, which is faster than the conventional soaking procedure.

5) Mooyah

The chain prepares them all on-site, washing, chopping, rinsing, and then double-frying them in a six-step procedure every time. Sweet potato fries are also available.

6) Wingstop

You go to Wingstop for the wings, but you could end up staying for the fries as well. According to the company's website, its fries are cut fresh at each location.

7) BurgerFi

BurgerFi is a burger chain with over 120 locations that everyone should be raving about.  The chain also offers hand-cut fries cooked in refined peanut oil daily.

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