These Zodiac Signs Will Always Make You Laugh

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People Who Make Us Laugh

There is no disputing that certain people are born with a great sense of humor that makes every social gathering a lot of fun.

Funny Zodiac Signs

Astrology may help us figure out which signs know how to make us laugh. Let's look at the funniest zodiac signs.

1) Gemini

Gemini is most likely the most humorous sign ever. These air signs, ruled by the planet of communication, are natural entertainers who know how to enchant others.

2) Sagittarius

Sagittarians have the distinct and uncommon ability to infuse all of their experiences with humor, which explains why they are so popular in all social circles.

3) Leo

Leo natives are natural performers who understand when and where to tell a clever jest. This individual's ability to captivate large groups with their hilarity is remarkable.

4) Aquarius

The enormous inventiveness of these gregarious individuals can eliminate the discomfort of a silent room on the first attempt. 

5) Capricorn

Is it surprising that Capricorn is at the bottom of the list? While Earth signs aren't exactly the heart and soul of the party, Capricorns have the greatest analytical sense of humor.

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