What Should Be Your Fragrance, Per Your Zodiac Sign?

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Aries: Cinnamon

This confident and outspoken fire sign would benefit from perfumes with robust, assertive notes, such as cinnamon. 

Taurus: Heliotrope

If you're a Taurus, you need a classy distinctive perfume to complement your impeccable style. Heliotrope has a sweet, almondy, vanilla aroma with a hint of dirt.

Gemini: Lily of the Valley

Some of the greatest & brightest characteristics of the Gemini are reflected in the upbeat and young nature of this perfume. 

Cancer: Palo Santo

A place can be cleansed of bad vibes and given a fresh start with the help of this woodsy fragrance.

Leo: Citrus 

Since the sun is the ruler of this sign, it's only fitting that its aroma be bright and upbeat. They are the life of the party, full of verve and eager to draw attention to themselves.

Virgo: Pine

This sensible sign favors understated, natural-smelling scents. They'll have a sense of security and stability as a result.

Libra: Rose

Scents for Libra women should be sensual and delicate. When individuals wear this fragrance, they are likely to experience an increase in self-assurance and power. 

Scorpio: Jasmine

Scorpios are drawn to the exotic aroma of jasmine because of the sign's association with power, money, mystery, and metamorphosis. 

Sagittarius: Eucalyptus

Sagittarius is linked to the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus because of the sign's traditional associations with healing and progress. 

Capricorn: Vanilla

Individuals born under this sign are straightforward, steady, and hardworking. For this reason, they can't resist the allure of vanilla-scented products. 

Aquarius: Clove

Those born under the Aquarius zodiac are just the type to appreciate the bold, unexpected smell of this fiery spice. 

Pisces: Patchouli

Those with the sign of Pisces are known for their vivid imaginations and constant daydreaming. Patchouli can be a soothing and comfortable aroma to go off to sleep with. 

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