What Will Happen If You Swallow Gum?

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We cannot digest gum!

Our bodies are unable to digest gum. To understand why, consider the chemical makeup of chewing gum.

What it's made of?

Most gums have "sweeteners, and flavoring ingredients. Sugar may coat that gum base "sweeteners, flavorings, colorings, and fruit acids.

But swallowing isn't problem!

In spite of this frightening-sounding inventory of constituents, chewing gum is typically not a problem.

It passes

When you ingest gum, your body cannot breakdown it; yet, the gum normally passes through your digestive system reasonably intact.

But should we swallow repeatedly?

Should we swallow it down if we can't find a trash bin or a shred of paper to wrap that sticky glob in?


If you consume an excessive amount of gum, you may get belly discomfort, gas, diarrhea, persistent constipation, and mouth ulcers.

The Effects

Although gum "normally" passes through our systems without incident, this does not rule out the possibility of significant effects.

Extreme case

Swallowing a large amount of gum or eating gum alongside other indigestible substances may induce a blockage in the digestive tract in rare situations.

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