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Why exactly do we eat cake at weddings?

cake At Wedding

No matter what the latest trend is or how much wedding traditions change over time, the wedding cake is always a must-have.

It Is Integral Part

A wedding cake, which the couple slices and distributes to guests before they partake, is nearly always an integral component of the ceremony.

It is a Tradition

Wedding cake isn't simply for guests' sweet tooths. Like tossing the bouquet and showering the newlyweds with rice, it's symbolic and traditional.

Linked To Ancient Rome

Eating wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome, when a wheat or barley cake was broken over the bride's head to represent good luck, according to Gastronomica.

Came To England

She and her groom would have a few bits, followed by the guests. These and other rituals were incorporated into English culture when Rome invaded England.

Change of Tradition

During the Middle Ages, wedding guests started bringing sweet breads and buns, rather than plain barley cakes, which they piled on top of each other.

Linked to fortune

The wedded pair would next attempt to kiss over the cake tower's peak. If they avoided toppling the tower, they were purportedly guaranteed a lifetime of fortune.

Bride's Pye

During the late 17th century, the English started serving "Bride's Pye" at weddings, a pastry stuffed with oysters, lamb testicles, and pine nuts.

Modern Day Cake

Thankfully, Bride's Pyes became delicious cakes prepared with fruits and sugar during the same century, and the bride and groom and their guests still enjoy them today.

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