Why Soda Cans Are Getting Slimmer?

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Soda Can History

In 1938, an aluminum-encased ginger ale made its debut, marking the beginning of the widespread distribution of canned soda.

Soda Cans

Even if you don't believe it, we drink a lot of liquids that come in nice, neat cans. Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Cheerwine, and all of these other ready-made alcoholic.

Why thinner cans?

CNN says that the soda industry has joined the trend of making cans thinner because it appeals to people who are trying to live their healthiest lives.

Don't go on looks!

The thinner cans make these drinks look like they are better for you, but buyer beware. Depending on what you drink, that might not be true.

Faster Cooling

Some people also think that the smaller diameter of the tops and bottoms of these cans makes it possible for them to get ice cold much faster.

Extra Height

Even though the can looks smaller, you still get a 12-ounce drink out of it. The can looks thinner because of the extra height.

Not a new idea

But before you think this is a new way to package something, you should know that slim cans are not a new idea.

10 year old idea

Pepsi tried out these cans more than ten years ago, but people didn't like them at the time. Now is the right time.

In Singapore too

But this isn't just happening in the U.S. Goody Feed says that this change is also happening to soda cans in Singapore.

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