Your Horoscope Today 5 April 2023

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The change you seek is absolutely attainable today, but the cost may be high. To fulfill the deadline, delegate the minor tasks wherever possible.


If you couldn't get out of bed this morning, at least try to complete any outstanding duties so you may enjoy the remainder of the day.


Gemini, don't keep the wonderful news to yourself! If something amazing has lately occurred to you, let the entire world to share in your excitement.


Recall that rash thinking might lead to unreasonable behavior. Events are already spiraling out of your control, but they haven't reached a panic stage.


If people do not respect your privacy, you may have to hide items physically. You like a good challenge, especially if there are no bad emotions involved.


Why is it that everyone wants something they can't have? Today, you are easily envious, especially when it comes to material belongings.


This is an all-or-nothing day for you! Your love is an all-consuming fervor that places you and your partner in the eye of a storm. Libra, try not to be too obsessed!


Alliances and friendships may be on unstable footing. Scorpio, it may be prudent to walk on your tiptoes until you can determine who is on your side.


No one expects you to always have all the answers, so don't feel terrible. Consider and act upon an external proposal. Tonight, spend time with a significant other.


Volunteering is expected, even if you choose to stay home. Change your mood and you may help someone in need.


Make an attempt to reconnect with someone from your past or to get to know a stranger. Aquarius, this is an excellent time to mind everyone's business but your own!


Today, you're quick to judge, but your grounds are flimsy. You may be blaming others to assuage your guilt.

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