Your Luckiest Day This Week 3-9 April

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Aries: Monday, April 3rd 

Mercury may appear differently in your life as it transits different zodiac signs, but this week it delivers a brilliant gift as it enters your third house of communication.

Taurus: Thursday, April 6th 

This week's Libra Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, highlighting daily routines, dietary habits, exercise regimens, & even feeling your best self.

Gemini: Friday, April 7th 

Once this energy rises, there is an impetus for you to identify your passion or purpose, which may result in an important new realization.

Cancer: Friday, April 7th 

You could have an epiphany about sharing a fresh chance for growth with a friend or loved one. Using the resources of the fantastic company that you retain might sometimes be the best luck.

Leo: Thursday, April 6th

Jupiter and Chiron in Aries opposing the Libra Full Moon will allow you to be tactful, but you won't sacrifice yourself for others or obsolete beliefs.

Libra: Thursday, April 6th 

This week's Libra Full Moon offers an opportunity to reflect on whether your ideals match your self-worth and reap financial rewards for past actions.

Virgo: Thursday, April 6th

As much as you have been on this healing path, there is always room to develop deeper, especially if it means you will be freer to live a genuine life.

Scorpio: Friday, April 7th

When it brightens your ninth house of growth and good fortune, Mars in Cancer will bring forth a variety of favorable changes.

Sagittarius: Friday, April 7th

Mars in Cancer activates your eighth house of transformation this week, allowing you to make long-term improvements that will lead to your dreams.

Capricorn: Thursday, April 6th

This week's Full Moon provides an opportunity to acknowledge the professional balance and stability you've achieved and to make changes if needed.

Aquarius: Thursday, April 6th

This week's Libra Full Moon brings enthusiasm and possibilities to embrace in order to bring extra luck into your life.

Pisces: Thursday, April 6th

Jupiter and Chiron are in Aries, your second house of value, opposite the Full Moon, signifying everything from self-worth to finances.

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