Zodiac Signs Who Love Brunch The Most

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Brunch People

Brunch with family & friends is often the highlight of many people's weekends. It contains all the ingredients for a fantastic supper.

Zodiac Signs

If this describes you, your affinity for brunch may have something to do with your astrological sign. Let's have a look at the zodiac signs that like brunch the most.

1) Taurus

Taureans enjoy brunch because the sign is governed by Venus, the deity of love, and Ceres, the agricultural goddess.

1) Taurus

The earth sign Taurus is the "sign of plenty," so any opportunity to imbibe before 1 p.m. is an optimal morning for the sign.

2) Cancer

Brunch with friends delights Cancers because it allows them to leave the home without the stress of a late night out.

2) Cancer

Additionally, they enjoy "going to bed early and sleeping in late," making brunch the ideal event for these "adorable homebodies."

3) Leo

This fire sign is notoriously gregarious, so any opportunity to get together with friends is a must-attend for them.

3) Leo

At midday, when their planetary ruler, the sun, is at its highest point in the sky, Leo are completely alert. Therefore, when they awake, they require a substantial nourishment.

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